Timeline of Tory Horror - Norfolk Labour
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Timeline of Tory Horror

A story of shameful Tory failures, unfair service cuts, and personal greed, set against Labour’s pragmatic proposals and a determined campaign for positive change in Norfolk

Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) with Mike Smith-Clare


Labour councillors join and support WASPI women protests

Labour councillors consistently support Norfolk fire service staff to oppose cuts to their service and protect their pay and pensions

Protect Our Mental Health Service Campaign Posters

April 2017

Mental Health Service Campaign

Labour councillors join March for Mental Health and continue to campaign for safe services

Fire Brigades Union (FBU) Campaigning in Chapelfield Gardens Norwich

July 2017

Labour Motions to Council

Labour motion to protect Norfolk fire and rescue service – Tories voted against

Labour councillors support Norwich Pride

Julie Brociek-Coulton at Caring Together Norwich Carers Charter Event

October 2017

Labour Motions to Council

Labour motion on fair funding for local councils – passed

Labour motion to support pay increase for staff – passed

Labour motion to implement Norfolk Carers charter (our manifesto pledge) – passed

Labour motion to campaign to keep Britvic & Unilever jobs in Norfolk – Tories voted against

Stop PCSO Cuts Campaign in Norwich

December 2017

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour motion to abandon proposed cuts to children’s centres – Tories voted against

Labour motion to oppose abolition of PCSOs- Tories voted against

Labour support motion to exempt care leavers from council tax – Tories voted against

Tory motion calling on their own government to carry out an urgent review of health and social care before the budget and properly fund social care with genuinely new money – passed unanimously cross party. But their own government has ignored them for four more years

Tories vote to raise their own Cllr allowances by and eye-watering 11% and increase the leaders allowance to £31,700. Labour vote against, and pledge not to take the rise

Shadow minister Tracy Brabin visited Norfolk children’s centres to listen to concerns of parents and staff about proposed closures

Shadow minister Lou Haigh joins Labour councillors and UNISON to campaign against removal of all 150 of Norfolk’s Police Community Support Officers

EDP Clipping 2018 Opinion Against Tory Councillor Allowances Increases

January 2018

Labour Campaign Against Allowance Increases

Labour call special council meeting on councillor allowances. Public petition signed by over 6,000 people received. Labour defeated as Tories vote to uphold the allowance rise

Norfolk Labour Logo

February 2018

Children's Centres Campaign

Labour propose a budget amendment to reverse cuts to Children’s Centres and invest in changing streetlights to LED lights to reduce carbon. Tories vote against

Labour councillors support parents to travel to parliament to lobby MPs about cuts to children’s centres

Norfolk Labour Logo

April 2018

Labour Social Care Campaign

Labour motion to start live-streaming council meetings to increase transparency and accessibility – Tories voted against

Labour motion to oppose take over of our Fire Service by Police and Crime Commissioner. Passed with cross-party support

Labour raises concern about stability of social care system. Cllr Borrett assures us he is “sure there is adequate provision”

Norfolk Welcomes Refugees Poster held by Emma Corlett

June 2018

Labour Refugees Welcome Campaign

Labour councillors support Schools of Sanctuary and Refugee Week, and continue to support annually

EDP clipping July 2018 on DIY Waste Charges

July 2018

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour challenge 44% cut to library service. Leader says “cut is not the best word to use, the best phrase is re-shaping the service”

Labour challenge Tory claim that increased allowance for leader and deputy are because they are ‘full time roles’ when Graham Plant is leader of another council. Tories refuse to answer question

Labour motion to scrap DIY waste charges. Tories vote it down

Labour motion to make membership of Freemasons an interest that must be declared by Councillors. Tories wreck it.

Labour raise concerns about high level of school exclusions and damage to young people’s life chances

Labour councillors support Pride

Councillors and activists at a Save Colman Factory Campaign in September 2018

September 2018

Labour Campaign to Save Colmans

Labour councillors support striking workers at Colman’s factory and join protest march through Norwich to try and keep jobs in Norwich

EDP Clipping October 2018 Children's Centre Closure Protests

October 2018

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour support motion to oppose closing children’s centres. Tories vote it down.

Council agree to give care leavers exemption from council tax (the tories having voted against it the previous year!)

Labour amendment to make membership of any organisation a declarable interest for all councillors. Tories vote it down. What have they got to hide?

Labour ask that councillor allowances are frozen. Tory Andrew Proctor stands by his commitment to raise them further

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Norfolk children’s centre to support campaign to keep them open

A Save Our Children's Centre March in Great Yarmouth

November 2018

Labour Children's Centres Campaign

Labour councillors join parents and children marching through Great Yarmouth to oppose children’s centre cuts

Norfolk Labour Logo

December 2018

Labour Motions and Campaigns

Labour ask how many responses to consultation on closure of children’s centres were opposed. Tories refuse to answer

Labour motion to improve support to foster carers and work with local businesses to raise awareness. Voted down by Tories

Norfolk Labour Logo

January 2019

Labour MIG Campaign

Labour councillors support disabled people and carers protest against cuts to Minimum Income Guarantee

Norfolk Labour Logo

February 2019

Labour Budget Amendment & Campaigns

Labour budget amendment to defer cut to Minimum Income Guarantee, and put money back in to children’s centre services. Defeated by Tories

Labour councillors support School Climate Strike

Norfolk Labour Logo

April 2019

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour challenge leader over gender balance of cabinet (only one woman appointed!)

Labour asks Tory leader if he agrees that we are facing a climate crisis – he replies NO!

Labour asks Tory leader to rule out future councillor allowance rises – he refuses

Labour motion on tackling climate crisis – voted down by Tories

Labour motion on supplying sanitary products in council premises – sabotaged by Tories

Labour use excess councillor allowances to provide free sanitary products for staff and visitors at County Hall

Norfolk Labour Logo

May 2019

Tory Climate Crisis Confusion

Leader asked again by Labour if he accepts there is a climate crisis – still refuses to say YES!

Tories vote through further increased allowances to Chair and Vice Chair of council. Labour vote against

Labour challenge the Tories over reckless Western Link plans

Labour motion calling on Tory leadership to meet with disabled people and carers to discuss the impact of MIG cuts – Voted down by Tories

Labour challenge Tories over Northern Distributor Road overspend

Labour councillors join march and protest against cuts to SEND funding

Candidates at Norwich Pride 2019

July 2019

Inclusive Labour

Labour councillors support pride

Norfolk Labour Logo

August 2019

More Tory Shame

Tory Cllr Margaret Stone emails parents of a man with Down’s Syndrome who are protesting cuts to their son’s income “I am increasingly disgusted in your campaign which is so selfish as to believe your needs are greater than the rest of the population”

Norfolk Labour Logo

September 2019

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour motion asking for patronising leaflet on MIG cuts to be withdrawn and start communicating with disabled people respectfully – Tories vote it down

Labour councillors support School Climate Strike

Norfolk Labour Logo

October 2019

Labour MIG Campaign

Labour councillors support disabled people and families to travel to London to lobby MPs about cuts to MIG

Norfolk Labour Logo

November 2019

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour motion to support WASPI women by introducing subsidised bus travel – Tories blocked debate and voted it down

Labour proposal to make park and ride bus fleet electric – Cllr Wilby claimed they were working with bus companies to make this happen “fairly soon”. Still not happened

Labour motion to give 16-19 year olds free travel and improve transport links – Tories vote it down

Labour amendment to protect existing woodland and ensure 1 million trees planted above any that are removed – passed unanimously

Norfolk Labour Logo

January 2020

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour proposal to ensure MIG raises in line with any benefit raises – opposed by Tories

Labour motion to ban trail hunting and exercising packs of dogs on County Land – voted down by Tories AND Lib Dems

EDP Clipping on more Tory Councillor Allowance increases

February 2020

Labour Budget Amendments & Campaigns

Labour amendment to budget to stop work on western link, halt cllr allowance rises and invest in LED street lighting – Tories vote it down

Labour councillors support disabled people and carers protest against MIG cuts and spend time talking to those effected. Some Tories run away to avoid talking to them!

Norfolk Labour Logo

March 2020

Labour's Pandemic Support

As pandemic emerges Labour spot gap in emergency plan. Nothing in place to ensure stability of food supply to food banks across the County. Big gaps in support noticed in many areas. Labour councillors set up food banks, volunteer at foodbanks and good neighbour schemes and start “Food out Friday” distributing food across Norfolk and Waveney funded through our unwanted councillor allowances

Norfolk Labour Logo

July 2020

Labour Motions & Campaigns

Labour ask for guarantee mobile library services won’t be cut – Tories refuse

Labour motion to ensure children can access laptops for learning – Tories vote it down

Labour motion that council meetings should be BSL translated – Tories vote it down

Labour motion on food poverty – Tories vote it down

Motion amended by Labour to support economy, especially health and social care and small and medium businesses – Tories vote it down

Norfolk Labour Logo

September 2020

Labour Motions to Council

Labour motion on holiday hunger to extend support to families to school holidays – Tories vote it down

Labour motion to protect day centres – Tories vote it down

Labour motion to scrap plans to build new car park – Tories vote it down

Labour motion to reverse councillor allowance rise – Tories vote it down

Labour amend motion on flood resilience and to stop building on flood plains – Tories vote it down

Norfolk Labour Logo

November 2020

Tory Failure on Public Transport

Labour challenge Tories over lack of action on electric bus fleet

Norfolk Labour Logo

December 2020

Tory Shame on MIG

High Court find Norfolk County Council MIG cuts breached Human Rights of severely disabled people

EDP Opinion January 2021 Against Holt Hall Closure

January 2021

Save Holt Hall Campaign

Labour & Lib Dems call extraordinary meeting of future of Holt Hall outdoor learning. Tories vote to push ahead with closure

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