Climate Crisis & Transport - Norfolk Labour
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Young Norfolk

Climate Crisis & Transport

We recognise the need to not just educate about the climate crisis, but to educate to combat the climate crisis. We will work with education providers to develop training and education opportunities that give you the skills to take up green sustainable jobs.

We will

  • Invest in green public transport over mass road building projects to move toward our target of net zero carbon emissions for Norfolk by 2030
  • Use contracts with Norfolk businesses as an opportunity to move towards more sustainable industries
  • Improve transport links for young people and listen to their views about where and how they want to move around the county. As we recover from the pandemic young people more than ever need to be able to see friends, socialise and explore. Norfolk’s transport policy focuses too narrowly on access to education. We will broaden subsidised travel to include access to a social life and leisure activities in the evenings and at weekends. We will identify gaps and use our powers to create community flexi-transport and to subsidise bus routes that broaden young people’s participation in what Norfolk has to offer.
  • Roll out LED lightbulbs in streetlighting across Norfolk to move towards cleaner and cheaper energy while making our streets safe at night

Read more about our plans for a Sustainable Norfolk.

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