Protecting Our Environment - Norfolk Labour
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A Bee on a Purple Flower

Revaluing Rural Norfolk

Protecting Our Environment

The critical underpinning of ‘Revaluing Rural’ is the protection and enhancement of Norfolk’s distinctive environment and lifestyle. It has adapted over many decades. As our population grows and we embrace our modern world it will continue to evolve. Climate change demands the very things we know to be right – we must prevent incalculable long-term damage to Norfolk and beyond by reducing emissions, protecting habitats and the biodiversity hosted in the county. As a major landowner, Norfolk County Council will lead by example under Labour.

We will extend the current Parish Partnerships scheme beyond highways improvements into community and environmental projects. We will always work with and alongside local people whose passion and commitment will be the key to deciding the priorities for ‘Revaluing Rural’

A Labour Council will campaign for environmentally sustainable policies at all levels and to promote biodiversity within Norfolk’s natural environment. We will actively work to encourage bees and other pollinators and reduce the use of pesticides. A Labour Council will support sustainable energy production and oppose fracking in the County.

We will

  • Extend the Parish Partnership to include environmental projects
  • Develop environmentally sustainable policies to promote biodiversity
  • Use the Council’s assets to encourage bees and other pollinators
  • Support sustainable energy production and oppose fracking

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