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A Safer Fairer Norfolk

Safe at Home, Safe in Public

Much of the crime in Norfolk takes place within people’s homes. Domestic Abuse is nearly 30% of recorded crime in Norfolk and has been rising over the last year. Child Sexual Exploitation often takes place in the child’s own home. Frauds, scams, and Cybercrime target us through our home phone and internet. Together these are a major part of today’s crime and extra Police on the streets will have no impact on this. Police depend on the community trusting that they will respond when called and that providing information will result in action. It takes bravery to report domestic abuse or child sexual exploitation – those who do must not be let down.

Our public spaces – streets, parks, shopping areas, beaches and countryside -need a different approach from our Police. At present, too many of these have been abandoned to anti-social and criminal activity. We need more Police officers but not just on the streets. Their work needs to be targeted to support where help is needed. Communities that want to challenge crime can reclaim control of these spaces with proper Police support. Why should families feel concerned about using a playground or open space? Why should older people feel nervous about being out after dark? Why should women feel unsafe? Why should young people feel unwelcome? Why should people who identify as LGBTQ+ or from our Black & Ethnic Minority communities feel these spaces aren’t for them? Why should people with disabilities avoid these places?

As PCC I will make sure people feel safe in public by seeing that Police give targeted support to communities challenging crime. I will ensure action against all forms of discrimination and hate crime that make our public spaces difficult to use. As PCC I will support communities to close roads to provide Play Streets. Together we will make our public spaces busy, welcoming to everyone, and full of fun so they become uncomfortable for the criminals

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