Police & Crime Commissioner Manifesto 2021 - Norfolk Labour
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Labour Police & Crime Commissioner Manifesto 2021

A Safer Fairer Norfolk

May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Photos Michael Rosen

Over the past ten years our Police have had to do more with less. Fewer officers and non-uniform staff, closure of Police Stations, reductions in funding have cut their resources. They have faced new challenges – a rise in domestic abuse, cybercrime, anti-social behaviour, and the County Lines drug trade. Their work has been made more difficult by delays in cases coming to trial because of cuts to our courts and a failed privatisation of the probation service.

Norfolk is overall a safe place thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Police and those who work with them. However, this is not the case for all our communities or local areas. There are places and communities in our County that deserve better. In this manifesto I set out the issues and what I will do about them as Police & Crime Commissioner to give us all a safer, fairer Norfolk.

In My Manifesto

My Pledges For Norfolk

I will

  • Improve the response of our Police to community concerns.
  • Make sure all communities feel protected fairly, tackling discrimination and hate crime that prevents people enjoying the freedoms we are all entitled to.
  • Continue to improve the diversity of our Police.
  • Invest in the resources Police need to tackle crime and do their jobs more effectively.
  • Do more to reduce domestic abuse, improving both prevention and support for victims.
  • Take a proactive approach to Community Trigger reviews to tackle anti-social behaviour and make supporting communities challenging crime a priority.
  • Continue effective action against drug dealing, including County Lines, while also working to reduce demand for drugs through a public health approach to prevention.
  • Increase the impact of crime prevention, rehabilitation, and restorative justice.
  • Support investment in services for young people to keep them safe and out of trouble.
  • Reduce demand on our Police by improving the contribution of other public services.
  • Continue to tackle cybercrime, child sexual exploitation, modern slavery and trafficking.
  • Better protection for workers, especially those subject to violence at work.
  • Protect our environment from pollution, flytipping, and promote safe sustainable transport.
  • As a Labour & Co-operative Party candidate I will support services and solutions that promote co-operation at a community level.

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