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Community Norfolk

Healthy Norfolk

The health inequalities across the county are stark. The average life expectancy of those living in the most affluent parts of our county is 7 years higher for men and 4.5 years for women than those who live in the our most deprived communities. Air quality varies across the county, with those living in our most urban areas being greater exposed to pollutants. The pandemic highlighted the impact of inequality, with those in the worst housing conditions and most precarious work at highest risk.

The county council is responsible for many things that have a positive impact on mental and physical health. We need to broaden participation and access to things that improve health across all our communities. Access to dentistry and mental health services remain an urgent problem.

We will

  • Implement a ‘zero suicide’ strategy, recognising that ‘awareness raising’ and encouraging more conversations are of limited value without access to proper help and support to keep people safe
  • Prioritise Public Health interventions that tackle inequality and use our influence and powers to improve housing and working conditions
  • Use our powers through Health Scrutiny to hold NHS commissioners and providers to account and demand urgent action on mental health services, especially for those in acute distress and urgent need and those with long-term conditions
  • Continue to listen to those who use (or are trying to access) mental health services and their families and keep their experiences at the centre of what we do
  • Hold NHS England & the government to account for the lack of NHS dentistry and pin down actual action and refuse to accept any more ‘empty promises’
  • Hold NHS Primary Care providers to account for annual physical health checks for people with a Learning Disability, and set a target of 100%
  • Tackle air quality through a public health campaign on the risks to community health of wood burning & engine idling
  • Provide clearer information on air quality & use use social media to send public health alerts on days of particularly high air pollution
  • Place clear ‘no idling’ signage in more areas, especially near schools and parks, and work with partners to increase enforcement
  • Implement a ‘school streets’ policy so communities can apply for vehicle-free zones at school drop-off and pick-up times
  • Encourage the hospitality sector to provide larger outdoor non-smoking areas
  • Work with our district council colleagues to promote smoke-free benches in parks
  • Discourage short, non-essential car journeys through public health campaigns such as ‘last mile home’ [link to transport part of manifesto]
  • Implement subsidised travel to ensure that families and residents can access outdoor space, the coast and the broads
  • Improve walking and cycling routes and increase access for those living with a disability through improved access to Norfolk trails, walks and rights of way

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