Natasha Harpley Sprowston Division Norfolk County Council Election 2021
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Natasha Harpley in Sprowston

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Election Candidate for Sprowston Division

About Natasha Harpley

My name is Natasha and I currently represent Sprowston Central at Broadland District Council, where I am also the leader of the Labour group.

I won my seat in 2019 and have worked hard for my residents ever since, including assisting a group of them to successfully oppose a contentious planning application and leading a campaign which resulted in a much-needed new bus service being introduced to the area. I have also prided myself on being accessible, approachable and involved in the community.

I grew up and went to school in Sprowston, so it’s a very special place to me and I always put the area and its people first. I would love to be able to extend that commitment to all of Sprowston as your County Councillor and build on the work I have done at District level.

With a background in social care, I know how important well run public services are and the damage caused when they are underfunded, cut or even sold off as the Tories have done in Norfolk and nationwide. I will never stand by and let our services be run into the ground and will always fight my hardest for Sprowston.

To become District Councillor, I stood on a platform promise to never accept an allowance increase above the rate of inflation, I kept that promise and have used all my unwanted allowance increase to fund local good causes. So far, I have given over £2,000 of my unwanted allowance increase to charities and organisations assisting with the Coronavirus response, food banks, domestic abuse support and also created a fund to provide local people with washable face coverings. I will continue this pledge if elected as your County Councillor and oppose any further councillor allowance increases and council tax hikes. Not all councillors are the same and as part of the Labour group, I will be on your side, putting you first every single time.

May 2021 Candidate Photos Natasha Harpley in Sprowston Division
Current Elected Positions

Sprowston Central, Broadland District Council

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