Finaola Gaynor in South Smallburgh - Norfolk Labour
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Finaola Gaynor in South Smallburgh

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Candidate for South Smallburgh Division

About Finola Gaynor

Having spent some 30 years altogether working in the creative industries, the NHS, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and university sector, I am delighted to have the opportunity to contest the South Smallburgh division constituency as the approved Labour candidate.

Over the past decade, I have worked closely with a number of campaign projects and organisations in Norfolk and Norwich including Food Savvy, The Sue Lambert Trust, Leeway and the North Norfolk Talking Newspaper. 

I like to think that I bring an ethical approach to all that I do, and, if elected, I offer to faithfully serve and represent the constituents of South Smallburgh. 

I bring not only a fresh face to local politics, but a fresh, creative and totally committed approach to problem solving for the specific challenges faced by the constituency. My skills and past experience extend across a broad spectrum to include the challenges faced by small businesses on the one hand, to the needs of families and carers on the other.

It is my intention to vigorously represent the views of constituents – and be informed by these views to shape my actions going forward.

My priorities for South Smallburgh

To vigorously and visibly support all members of the community as we face the shared challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, these include: 

  • Recognising and representing the changing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) and larger businesses as seismic shifts in markets and consumer patterns evolve
  • Recognising and representing the changing demands placed on employees, including working from home, portfolio working and the ever-increasing burden of care responsibilities as part of this
  • Recognising and representing the urgent need to improve and ‘level-up’ local and regional salaries to be equitable with other areas of the UK
  • To campaign to reduce child poverty in the context of wider rural and coastal deprivation across the region
  • To campaign to improve the health and wellbeing of constituents, including preventative medicine and improved access to locally sourced produce

To drive forward the need to improve the local environment in a number of areas:

  • To identify, and campaign for, appropriate short, medium and longer-term mitigations in the light of future impacts of global warming, shifting weather patterns and their impact on low-lying flood-risk areas
  • To identify, and campaign for, improved road safety and traffic calming measures in, and between the villages. 
  • To campaign to reduce casual littering and calculated fly-tipping of domestic and commercial waste
  • To enhance the sense of community within the constituency given the demographics and uneven population distribution across the area



May 2021 Candidate Photos Finola Gaynor in South Smallburgh Division
CAMPAIGNS & volunteering

Food Savvy, The Sue Lambert Trust, Leeway

Professional Background

Creative industries, NHS, The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, University education

North Norfolk
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