Jack Manzi in Old Catton - Norfolk Labour
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Jack Manzi in Old Catton

Jack Manzi Old Catton Division Broadland

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Candidate for Old Catton Division

About Jack Manzi

My desire to run as a candidate for county council comes from my experience working with community groups in and around Norwich over the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as time I have spent in various academic outreach roles through the University of East Anglia. I regularly volunteer with homeless groups in Norwich, food relief organisations and have previously helped in coordinating community action efforts, during the first lockdown. 

I’ve seen first-hand the effects of the negligence from Norfolk’s conservative led county council. Whether it be the complete lack of leadership from the Conservative cabinet over COVID-19 relief efforts, or the increasingly widening digital divide amongst Norfolk’s school aged children, the works that I have been involved with have been directly affected by having a Conservative led County Council.

In contrast, I saw the heroic efforts made by local Labour councillors — at all levels — to support their communities during these difficult times. Despite being in opposition in the county council, Norfolk Labour have continued to lead by example and affect positive change in Norfolk. Inspired, I decided I want to contribute to this work, on a platform that can affect real and lasting change.

Now more than ever we need competent and effective leadership in local government. This year’s local elections represent our best chance to make this happen, and I feel privileged to be a part of them.

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Jack Manzi Old Catton Division Broadland
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