Vote Chrissie Rumsby in Mile Cross - Norfolk Labour
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Chrissie Rumsby in Mile Cross

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Election Candidate for Mile Cross Division

About Chrissie Rumsby

My name is Chrissie Rumsby and I am Labour/Cooperative Councillor for Mile Cross Division and since being elected have supported and developed various community groups and projects around Mile Cross. As a person that is part of the cooperative movement I believe in credit unions and more public services to be cooperatives to benefit everyone, creating a more ethical way of ownership and working environment. Since being elected I have used my unwanted Councillor allowance to help various community groups and organisations. I have also used my highways allowance to have dropped curbs, white and yellow lines and other highways works, that otherwise would not have been completed. Since being elected I have campaigned against childhood hunger, more support for people with disabilities and cuts to essential services. I

On a personal level, I am a mental health nurse who has worked for many years with service users with complex needs. This experience has helped me to scrutinise many changes and cuts to essential service as I have had first -hand experience of how in reality this will affect the person on the other end of that change or cut. Outside of politics I have an interest in social history, cooking and learning to be a better gardener.

I would like the opportunity to represent Mile Cross for the next 4 years as I feel much work needs to be done and my heart is in helping the community. My time on county has been spent standing up for Mile Cross and speaking about the good things about the community rather than always talking about the bad things, such as deprivation and crime. Mile Cross represents more than that image and deserves better press than it receives.


Chrissie Rumsby Mile Cross Division Norwich
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