Michael Rosen for Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner - Norfolk Labour
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Michael Rosen for Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner

May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Photos Michael Rosen

Labour & Cooperative Party Candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner in Norfolk

About Michael Rosen

I am very pleased to be the Labour & Co-operative Party candidate for the 2021 Norfolk Police & Crime Commissioner elections. My reason for standing is to make sure crime is tackled in a way that gets results, cutting the number of victims and wasted lives. I have lived in Norfolk since 2013 and care passionately about making it a better place to live.

I want to see communities challenging crime, supported by our Police and other public bodies, so that we can all have the freedom to enjoy life. Pretending we can achieve this through arrests and more prison places after crime has happened is wrong. I believe we can make a safer, fairer Norfolk by educating our children and young people well, creating opportunities for earning an honest living, and changing behaviours through prevention and rehabilitation so that we stop crime from taking place. That is the route to having less crime, fewer victims, and a better life for all of us.

It is a role I am well-qualified for after a long career in education and children’s services, ending as Norfolk’s Director of Children’s Services. During that career I worked with schools, the NHS, Police, local Councils and the community and voluntary sector to get joined-up services that could have a real impact on people’s lives. I have worked directly on community safety priorities including reducing youth violence, safeguarding vulnerable people, and tackling domestic abuse. My professional experience has given me the skills I will need to fight for resources and use them well, engaging our communities in decisions about how we tackle crime, and making sure different agencies work together.

I am very happy to hear your issues about crime and policing in Norfolk. You can email me at mrpcc2021@gmail.com. or follow me on social media.

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May 2021 Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Photos Michael Rosen


Police & Crime Commissioner
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