David Vail in Long Stratton - Norfolk Labour
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David Vail in Long Stratton

David Vail Long Stratton Division South Norfolk

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Candidate for Long Stratton Division

About David Vail

I am a chartered electronics engineer. I worked in North America and Europe before returning home to run my own business. Most recently, I have designed electric weed killing equipment to eliminate the need for chemical herbicides in agriculture, worked on a gyroscopic hand stabiliser for sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease and currently work for a green tech start-up spun off from ground breaking research at Cambridge University. 

Whilst my expertise relates to electricity flowing in wires, it is easily translatable to water or traffic flow.

Engineering is very much a team effort. It requires effective communication with the shop floor, managers and customers. In Long Stratton we have seen what happens when Councillors don’t understand technical issues like flood risk. Local government fails in its primary duty of keeping people and property safe. Long Stratton needs a Councillor who can work with council officers, collate local knowledge and make the council work better for Norfolk in the future.

David Vail Long Stratton Division South Norfolk



07935 486129


Chartered Engineer

South Norfolk
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