Francis Bone in Freebridge Lynn - Norfolk Labour
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Francis Bone in Freebridge Lynn

Francis Bone Freebridge Division King's Lynn and West Norfolk

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Candidate for Freebridge Lynn Division

About Francis Bone

As a local campaigner, and Borough Councillor I am fully aware of the issues that people of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk endure. With an ever-increasing population and built environment that has made the towns boundaries and surrounding villages becoming blurred as our market town now becomes a small city. All this growth, yet the vital services, institutions and infrastructure remains the same bulging at the increased pressures.

I have a proven tracked record of being a voice for our community, and I am not afraid to get stuck in and get my hands dirty. I am committed and persistent when putting forward your views, because this is our community, and I am here to represent your views at County Council to ensure that our area gets its fair sure of funding for new and improved infrastructure.

  • We need more health and dental services that are accessible to all areas of the town. 
  • Good education and facilities that can cope with the future growth of our local community to ensure the best for the future of our children.
  • Improvements to our road networks, and public transport to reduce pollution and congestion. 
  • We want King’s Lynn to be a destination town, a great place to live, work and visit.

Having me a voice for you both at Borough and County Council will ensure that you are listened to. It is easy to get swayed by a council agenda, and this is something that I have not done. I always listen to my constituents and do my best to unsure that their needs and concerns are considered. A vote for me will ensure that the issues that matter to you are championed

Francis Bone Freebridge Division King's Lynn and West Norfolk

King's Lynn & West Norfolk
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