Stuart Hellingsworth in Caister-on-Sea - Norfolk Labour
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Stuart Hellingsworth in Caister-on-Sea

Labour Party Norfolk County Council Election Candidate for Caister-on-Sea Division

About Stuart Hellingsworth

I’ve lived in Caister since 2005 and I love the place.  We have the best beach, a proud lifeboat service, the kindest people and a fantastic fishing heritage.  We have a lot to shout about.

However, much is missing and we deserve more.  For example, our Police Station was closed in 2017, half of our village does not have a regular bus service. We had a valued Children’s Centre that was closed and not replaced.  Teenagers lack a place to meet.  We need better services for those with disabilities.

We need someone to speak up for Caister. Our local politicians seem to forget about our village, with the focus always on the town centre in Great Yarmouth.

Well what about us?

Let’s change this.  Let’s make this better for you, your family, Caister’s residents and visitors.

The environment is incredibly important and we need to protect it, if not for ourselves, but for generations to come.  Our Parish Council has made great steps with tree planting and deserve more praise for this.  But we should not rely on them alone and I want us to be able to create more areas for wildlife to flourish and trees to grow.

Most important to all of this, is you.  If I am fortunate enough to be your Councillor, I will make sure you can contact me with concerns.  I will be even more active in the community.  That’s mainly because I like helping people and so many are not receiving the help they should.

I worked for Norfolk County Council for 17 years before moving to a job in the voluntary sector where I continue to work.  Mental health is an area I am passionate about and I’m a trustee of a national mental health charity.  Films, music, psychology and photography are my loves.  Coffee is too and I’d love to share one with you so we can discuss any of this or whatever is on your mind.


Stuart Hellingsworth Caister-on-Sea Division Great Yarmouth
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