Welcome to Norfolk Labour Group - Norfolk Labour
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Welcome to Norfolk County Council Labour Group

Labour’s 2021 Manifesto Offers Positive and Transformative change for Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Young Norfolk Icon

Young Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Caring Norfolk Icon

Caring Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Sustainable Norfolk Icon

Sustainable Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Safer Norfolk Icon

Safer Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Community Norfolk Icon

Community Norfolk

Labour Manifesto 2021 Manifesto Rural Norfolk Icon

Revaluing Rural Norfolk

Your Norfolk Labour Candidates on May 6th 2021

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Please share our positive messages for Norfolk

With Labour, the UK will be a world-leading clean energy superpower by 2030.

We will create jobs, slash energy bills for good, and make the UK energy independent, freeing us from the actions of dictators.

Only Labour can deliver a fairer, greener future.

Growth is built by the millions of working people and ordinary businesses driving our economy, and it is crucial for getting our public services on track.

My @Telegraph iv on Labour's plan for business rates, growth and the link with our public services.

Labour will deliver clean power by 2030.

We will bring in a new era of economic growth and secure energy independence for Britain.


Under the Tories: police numbers slashed.

With Labour: 13,000 more neighbourhood police on Britain’s streets.


The coming battle must be against poverty, not against the poor.
You cannot rely on a heartless government having a change of heart, but concerted action by the public can force a change of mind.
The time for action is now. Please sign the petition.

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