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Welcome to Norfolk County Council Labour Group

Labour’s 2021 Manifesto Offers Positive and Transformative change for Norfolk

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Young Norfolk

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Caring Norfolk

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Sustainable Norfolk

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Safer Norfolk

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Revaluing Rural Norfolk

Your Norfolk Labour Candidates on May 6th 2021

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Please share our positive messages for Norfolk

NEW: Remember Boris Johnson’s promised 40 new hospitals? Only 10 even have full planning permission @michaelsavage⁩ and ⁦⁦@shanti_das⁩ reveal ⬇️ https://t.co/M36pKIw6LO

This demolition of Dominic Raab is as relevant today…..

Video 2019 @mrjamesob @lbc made pre-bully claims
Dominic Raab:
Health service, education,looking after disabled "without a strong economy, it's just a childish wishlist"
"Typical user of foodbank isn't someone who is languishing in poverty,they've just got a cashflow problem"
Wow https://twitter.com/LBC/status/1109110453073047553

The government has broken its promise to publish an annual report on its ‘levelling up’ progress.

Why could that be? 🤔

Maybe they know it wouldn’t make for pretty reading…

Don't let the Tories steal your vote. Make sure you have your ID sorted or better still get a postal vote.

EXCL: Only 10,000 people have applied for government voter ID since scheme opened - just 0.5% of total who might need it - by ⁦@peterwalker99⁩ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/jan/31/only-10000-people-in-uk-have-applied-for-government-issued-voter-id?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other


Someone told me this week that a Tory friend of his had been out canvassing in a classic London Tory stronghold.

He said he'd never had as many doors slammed in his face as he did this week.

Keep on slamming 🚪

I'm a dog with a bone on this. I will NOT give in until we all have a satisfactory answer
Sunak called in a partner from his hedge fund Theleme as his adviser while he was Chancellor 2020
Theleme bought £1 BILLION in Moderna
Sunak won't say if he owns ...shares https://t.co/nHfkAT1tEq

Carol Vorderman rips into Rishi Sunak on #ThisMorning.

"Rishi Sunak co-founded a hedge fund... that invested £1b in Moderna shares... & he has refused to say whether he holds assets in the hedge fund & therefore Moderna... so are we talking about insider trading."

I am not giving in on this.
Through his hedge fund Theleme which has invested £1 BILLION in Moderna he may hold large financial interest
ANSWER IT & why aren't news shows asking him?

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