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Welcome to Norfolk County Council Labour Group

Labour’s 2021 Manifesto Offers Positive and Transformative change for Norfolk

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Young Norfolk

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Caring Norfolk

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Revaluing Rural Norfolk

Your Norfolk Labour Candidates on May 6th 2021

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For the diary:
BBC1, Sun Dec 5, 5:20pm.
Countryfile to feature #Norfolk bat colony and Western Link https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/local-council/bbc-countryfile-norwich-western-link-barbastelle-bat-supercolony-8538954 #NoNewRoads #Wildlife #Bats #Woodlands #Chalkstreams #SSSI #AirQuality ...#ClimateEmergency @NorfolkCC #RottenBoroughs We look forward to this one.

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Countryfile to feature Norfolk bat colony and Western Link

Concerns over the environmental impact of the proposed Norwich Western Link (NWL) road are to feature on the BBC's Countryfile series.


Yesterday Matt Hancock got very cross about claims his pub landlord got a Covid contract, calling them "a fabrication pushed by the Labour Party".

Today @GoodLawProject published evidence Matt’s pal was actually subcontracted for a Covid contract.

His reply? Nothing to... see here

Johnson lied in the Commons again today. It used to be a resigning offence. Having an amoral PM has normalised it with dreadful consequences for democracy which can only begin to be repaired when he and this rotten cabal are gone

Cllr Button has asked Cllr Packer, cabinet member with responsibility for biodiversity, about new trees being planted at West Earlham Wood 🌳

900 trees were planted to improve the woodland structure + biodiversity, with a further 2000 trees to be planted at the woodland edge.

Cllr Adam Giles has asked Leader Cllr Alan Waters to comment on the success of the Norwich #LivingWage campaign.

There are now 53 accredited Living Wage Employers in Norwich. This covers 7,368 employees, including 802 uplifted to the living wage when their employer accredited.

Cllr Matthew Fulton-McAlister has asked Cllr Emma Hampton, cabinet member for climate change, whether #COP26 went far enough.

💬 Cllr Hampton: “COP26 was largely a disappointment. It delivered modest progress – at absolute best – when what we need is a transformational leap."

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